Tuesday, August 3, 2010

you're probably not going to like this...

Hmmm… I had some kind of day… and this was the result:

Fuck you for feeling absolutely no sorrow for people who get ripped out of their homes sent back to countries where there is little to no opportunity and they have no one.

Fuck you for feeling no compassion for a person who you consider “illegal”.

Because somehow that’s not as valuable a person… your label must make them less human. despite the fact that these people work unbelievable hours. have undying love and dedication towards the American dream. often pay taxes they never see a return on, and live here with no benefits and even less respect from people… like you.

People that are okay paying undocumented workers 50% less than what they would normally pay someone for a job, but still say things like “All illegal immigrants should really be sent back. It just isn’t right.”

Fuck you for having no compassion. But most of all fuck you for choosing to continue to live your life oblivious to all the privilege you’ve been given. Because it suits you. because not admitting to privilege means you can act like everything YOU got you worked for.

Fuck you not just for living a lie but for projecting your bullshit towards people that are just trying to make themselves, therefore their families/communities/cities/states/country better.

You who thinks only getting a $50,000 inheritance is something to complain about. Or the blond who thinks losing a cell phone or some other meaningless shit she’ll be compensated for later is worth acting like her world is over for… (damn i really got something against blonds)

Oh you’re down? Because you know a couple of brown people and listen to our music? Because you date out of your race? But you’re mentality hasn’t changed, you might as well be your mother, your father… all the same…

Yeah… fuck you. for all that I just said.

And you know what? … fuck me too… fuck me for not doing more… your pissing me off means that’s sure to change. now.

Diosa Dominicana

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