Wednesday, August 4, 2010

acostada en la cama~ leyendo ... in bed reading

i feel the warm air from the fan caress my skin and my hair softly tickles my back.. so much has happened and there is so much to come.. but none of that matters right now... right now there is only this feeling.. this moment

siento el aire caliente de el abanico acariciando mi piel~ mi pelo suavemente cosquilla mi espalda... tanto a pasado y hay tanto por venir (17 dias!!).. pero por ahora sólo hay este momento.. y estos sentimientos

What if this is exactly what you should be doing because it is what you are doing? What if each nitty-gritty task is perfection itself and you keep missing it because you're looking for something else?
It's like washing the dishes. If you focus on getting the dishes done so that your kitchen will be clean, you miss everything that happens between dirty and clean. The warmth of the water, the pop of the bubbles, the movements of your hand.
~ Geneen Roth

We could apply this to everything. The paperwork that greets us each morning at the office. The annoying life partner. The paying and not paying of bills. The joy and sadness. It's all happening. Geneen Roth is trying to remind us that everything that's happening is what should be happening~ because it's happening. I am loving this 'now'... because it's the only thing that's real.


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