Friday, April 9, 2010


Every morning when I read something from Time, HuffingtonPost, or the Economist online I end up with the same questions. Today was no different.

Kyrgyzstan: The Revolution's Leaders Cozy Up to Russia~,8599,1979060,00.html#ixzz0kceFSZ9C

I read these type of articles and wonder what is going on in the world? How can a species that is exactly the same hurt itself so much? We manipulate and offer help in exchange for power to overthrow or decrease the amount of control of another country. We think we are so different. Politics never really interest me. They affect me so I pay attention, but I’m not impressed by the process or most of the people involved. I wish we could all just take a step back and look at ourselves. Really try, even if for only a couple of moments, to understand why we are doing what we’re doing. It is never about the person, country or situation we’re addressing, but about a root problem we are unconscious of in ourselves. Imagine if all our world leaders did this? How much more accountable and loving would the entire world be? How much more connected would people feel to themselves and also to each other? Hell, lets not even go that far, imagine WE all did this. Simple folk like us ~ addressing the root of our problems… this world would be free.

We could be free.



Anonymous said...

Yes Katy, though at this moment this looks more like a fantasy..I always think , lets do it, and influence family and friends and hope to influence many more..and keep doing the best till we can.. hugs.. and also yes..freedom is love..

~Diosa Dominicana~ said...

thank you @Taaraj ~ always lots of love and light to you. K

Jose said...

Freedom - something we're constantly in search for but few of us really have.

~Diosa Dominicana~ said...

@jose :-) we get it in small doses. we confuse it for self-indulgence. we are getting better and more and more awake. true freedom is coming.