Saturday, April 10, 2010


notes from a talk by stuart mooney:

Everything is connected to everything else in such an amazing way. The entire universe is a closed system. It’s an egg~! In this egg all there is, is exchange. There is no new energy. It is simply being exchanged all the time. We are sitting here. What is happening? You are breathing in my lung molecules. I am breathing in yours. When do mine become yours and yours become mine? Do you know? When it’s right inside my nostril or further out? (People say) “This is my space man.” “Your” space does not exist.

This is all one experience. We are all one. We were that dot. And what are we craving? We are craving to be one again, because we’re lonely out here. You don’t want to be separate from me and just interact and see me out there. You knew me when you were one with me. And that’s why we’re driven to find a spiritual solution, because there’s only so far, or so close mind and matter can go, and then you have to go to a special place and ask something much bigger and larger than you, to help you get clear. To help solve the riddle of “Why am I here? What is this? Why did you put me in this?”~

- taken by ~ Diosa

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