Tuesday, May 4, 2010

cupcakes cupcakes cupcakes~

A fellow yoga student approached me after class to tell me how I inspired and reminded him you can never tell what a person is truly capable of by just looking at them.

translation ? “Girl I did not think you’d be good at this… what with all that extra weight and all, but damn alright now~!” ~_~

It’s the same way I feel after selling a million dollar account at work and getting surprised looks from coworkers~ but the yoga comment hurt more of course.

I do not have a yoga body. I have a beautiful noticeable curvy thick latina body~ but it is not a yoga body. It’s too much; too much for yoga.

Us. Certain. Type. Of. Girls. The Fatherless Kind~ tend to live outside of our bodies. We objectify it more than anyone else ever could.

So having to somehow mend that broken relationship with my body has become a long eye-opening tearful process.

I want to call ex boyfriends ~ or even current admirers ~ just to hear them tell me again how much they love it. Give in to my ego’s desire to continue to live outside the box.

But since the only definite in my life at this point is that I will be a yoga teacher and continue to make my evolution a priority I do my best to stay in spirit and ignore ego's call...

Why must the only way out be through?~!

Patience Patience Patience

some mindless chatter tonight~

Katy~ who now understands why she almost married a sweet talking Dominican who couldn’t get enough of her body~

Don’t Numb It ~ Live IT Fully.

-Diosa Dominicana

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