Tuesday, September 22, 2009

am I being too honest? ~

When you are in the process of truly loving life and yourself there is an absence of shame, embarrassment, or pedestal to put yourself on. Your experience becomes all about expressing your truth, while simultaneously becoming clear on what exactly that is for you. Your reputation, and society’s perception of you loses its importance, because nothing feels more exhilarating than being yourself.

This is true freedom. The breaking down of all the superficial ideals we uphold because we think its what others want for us, or what we would want if were fixed/normal. Unhealthy ego hides behind illusions, roles, conforming to other’s people’s expectations of us in an effort to protect us. Unhealthy ego isn’t ‘evil’, its misinformed and misdirected.

Everyone is doing the best they can. Everything is doing the best it can, including ego.

No one is different, for even those who commit the most horrendous crimes are only doing it because they think they’ll find satisfaction, comfort, peace, or freedom in it.

All humans are born with the same desire to be happy, which I call the looking up trait. No one is different, a lot are just confused as to which way is up.

The way to clear the confusion is by getting past the masks and illusions we build around ourselves. Chip away at your layers and ultimately you will find pure and untainted love for both yourself and all others. The result is a glow and overall sense of well-being and inner peace that no one and no circumstance can take away from you. But beware being honest, and the chipping away of your layers is an uncomfortable dirty process~

“Speak the clearest truth you know and let the uneasiness heal.”- Rumi

No worries, there will come a point where your integrity will be far more fulfilling and important than whatever simple superficial pleasure you were getting from lying.

It takes practice ~ crossing my fingers ~ I’ll be sure to get it fully any day now ~ :-)

Love Always,


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