Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Isn’t it lovely that no matter how far away you get from your goals they are always there waiting for you?

“In a world where all things are subject to change, there is no certainty in veracity. As a result, those wanting to broaden their horizons chose the path to self-discovery. They were called philosophers because of their love for the pursuit of wisdom by intellectual means and moral self-discipline.”

I wrote this when I was 16 years old, and not much has changed. I am still a seeker of truth, love, and whatever it is that affects us all. What are the things no one can escape regardless of gender, race, class, attitude, or upbringing? What makes us One?

I realize people are very interested in the things that make them different, unique, and special. It’s a common belief that if someone else is just like you than you must not be as great as you are. This insecurity breeds a race of people that are more interested in watching their neighbor fail than succeed.

If energy cannot be created or destroyed, then all that we are is all that there has ever been. The atoms that make up your body will one day disintegrate and become part of the earth, the sky, the atmosphere and turn into something else… its not just humanity that’s one, its everything

I lived with at least 4 different ‘families’ by the age of 8. I became very close and attached to all the people around me because I’ve always had a big heart. What was most interesting to me, even back then, was how similar these people were. Despite their differences the arguments and overall topics of discussion were the same, just called different names.

This understanding of unity has helped me excel and connect with people. Whenever I meet someone new I'm not intimidated. I understand I may not have their knowledge, good education, or money but deep down at their core they are just like me. They all have happy moments and sad ones. They’ve all had their hearts broken and were forced to break a couple themselves. They have the same hopes and wishes for peace and success. They are human~ like me.

This awareness made me ask, “Why doesn’t EVERYONE see the connection???” The same pride my sister has in being Dominican that young Puerto Rican girl feels for PR. And yet somehow the same thing they have in common is what tears them apart. The battle of who’s country’s greater ensues and both girls miss the point. . . You don’t need to be the proud Dominican or Puerto Rican girl, because you can be the PRIDE.

The same holds true for all the roles we play in this life. Instead of worrying about whether or not you are a loving mother be the love of a mother, unwavering and devoted. A man can be the love of a mother. By no longer defining yourself with superficial labels that don’t distinguish your greatness you are stepping into Love.

I define Love as Connection ~ Connection to Source ~ Connection to Self ~ Connection to Everything

I hope to work through all of my stories and in doing so inspire others to work through theirs. Lets take a step towards unveiling that masks that separate us. We are One.

Lets get back to this...

~ Diosa

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